Blog updates (Elitism sucks!)

Real talk for a second. I started this blog because classical music is in trouble. The halls are oppressive and unwelcoming, the elitism, sexism, and racism are rampant among and obvious to performers, administration and audiences alike. What did I think this blog was going to do? Unleash a powerful wave of magic that made everyone go all sunshine and rainbows about the world and music?

We did it folks

Probably not, but I could feature composers from marginalized groups (aka anyone other than a white dude) and just talk about music like a normal human and that would be alright!

The thing is…I don’t have access to most of their scores since they’ve only started being published and acknowledged (and we’re still only┬ástarting to recognize them). Also, I don’t often get asked to write program notes for those composers, unfortunately, and that’s where half of these posts have their beginnings because a girl only has so much time.

All of this to say, I’m going to try harder to give us a healthy balanced diet of old classics (which tend (99.99%) to be old white guys) and a picture of the new music blasting onto the scene and breaking all the rules. Because I don’t have scores, our walkthroughs will be a little more wishy-washy with theory and analysis but rich in JAMS!

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